How often should I have my piano tuned?


If you have a new piano check your warranty. Most manufacturers recommend 4-6 tunings a year and some will void the warranty if these standards are not met. If the piano is being used in a “serious” way (by a student or advanced musician) Craw Piano Service recommends tuning your instrument at least twice a year.

We maintain permanent records on the pitch levels for all of our client's pianos, where we find them and where we leave them. That way, over time we know where your piano should be and can recommend the best schedule for your piano in your home.


Nearly all of our customers will schedule their next tuning when we tune. We then remind them by postcard a week ahead of that date and, if no changed is asked for, we will show up at your door on the appointed day and time.


Why should I tune my piano?


Tuning involves much more than adjusting the tension on the strings. Actually we don’t just tune the piano, we service the entire instrument. The piano action has 6,000 to 8,000 parts, mostly wood and felt. The wood will tend to warp and the felt will wear unevenly since some notes are played more than others (a C is played more than a C# and the middle more than the extremes). The entire mechanism is kept stable by the enormous tension on the strings (20 tons or more). Considering these factors, the tuner is constantly checking for any note not responding well or any potential problem which can diminish the overall efficency of the instrument. When the piano is neglected, these evaluations are not taking place and, before long, what started as a minor, no charge adjustment becomes a major (and expensive) problem.


What is the ideal humidity for a piano?


Ideally 66-69 F and 43-46% humidity will create very little change in string tension. The reason for this is the expansion or contraction of the sounding board due to more or less humidity than the board is seasoned for and this is what will alter the pitch of the strings. 


Will moving a piano make it go out of tune?


Yes, to some extent. The piano frame will experience stress and the exposure to less than ideal temperatures and humidity outside will have a definite affect on the tuning. We like to see your piano within two weeks of the move to make sure the instrument did not experience any internal damage as a result of moving.


How do I determine what my piano is worth?


Ask us for an appraisal.


What is the best way to clean my piano keys?


Due to the different types of keytops, we need to recommend what is best for your piano, so ask us.


How many keys does a piano have?


A full size piano has 88 keys.


What does a piano weigh?


Depending on the piano size and brand, the weight can range from 400-1000 pounds.

Which areas do you serve?

Our office is located in Fairport, New York. However, we service the greater Rochester area from Canandaigua to Williamson to Hilton to Avon. If you are unsure, feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to be accommodating.